We Find Group is the leader of top class recruitment services for international management consulting departments and companies in the following types of assignments:

  • Ongoing Pipeline Developments: freelances, interim, subject matter experts, and permanent positions.
  • Single Recruitment Assignments: fast and efficient recruitment for all the consulting profiles required worldwide.
  • Multi-site and Multi-position Recruitment Assignments


We Find Group delivers ongoing Human Resources Outsourcing that can contain one or more of the following processes:

  • Recruitment and Administration for freelance, interim, and permanent positions
  • Freelance Staff Administration: Agreement and Welcome Pack development and deployment


Some examples of Market Studies developed:

  • Analysis Study about consulting services demanded in a specific sector such as insurance, food, automotive, banking, mining, etc.
  • Analysis Study about the position of consulting services in a specific geographical region


We Find Group has outstanding expertise in the development of Salary Studies by taking into consideration the client’s specific needs.

The Salary Studies can include the following criteria:

  • Consulting Sector
  • Worldwide or specific geographical market
  • Single or multiple company benchmarks


We Find Group delivers training as part of the Talent Hunting Program in the following fields:

  • Introduction Training for Management Consulting Profiles
  • Specific Customer Training Packages


Upon client’s request, We Find Group develops the following research:

  • Organizational structure analysis of the distribution of current roles and responsibilities
  • Improvement Recommendations after taking into consideration the “as is” situation and the company’s objectives


We Find Group creates Turn Key Search Strategies that contain one or more of the following deliveries:

  • Benchmark Study to identify selected profiles in a specific geographical area
  • Target Companies List where the best in the market candidates can be sourced
  • Candidate Source Processing associated with previous Target Companies Identification

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